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Our motivation is simple: compassion, empathy, and justice for survivors of sexual trauma. 

Whilst we describe ourselves as a wellness space created ‘by survivors for survivors', we welcome all individuals who have experienced sexual trauma, including those who connect to the term victim over survivor.

At Shushbox we embrace the term ‘survivor’ as we believe survivor mentality cultivates resilience, fosters self-compassion, and embraces a mindset of hope and possibility, even in the face of adversity. We believe that a survivor mentality empowers individuals to reclaim agency over their lives, acknowledging the trauma they've experienced while actively seeking support and resources to heal and grow. A victim mentality in the aftermath of sexual trauma may lead individuals to feel powerless, trapped by their experiences, and unable to move forward.


Wherever you are in your journey right now, know that it is OK and be gentle with yourself. Healing is not linear and it's important to recognise that transitioning from a victim to a survivor mentality is a gradual and complex process.  We hold no judgement and only wish for you to find home and comfort within your own individual and unique survivorship. 

You deserve to heal.

with love,                     .

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A NOTE FROM                                             FOUNDER.

"When I started my own journey of healing from sexual trauma, I felt lost and isolated, with layers of socially conditioned shame preventing me from finding the help I needed to process and move forward. That's why I decided to create Shushbox. I know first-hand how crucial it is to have the right support and a community who gets it. At Shushbox we are building a safe haven - a virtual sanctuary - where survivors can find validation, resources, and a supportive network who understands their struggles. Because healing isn't easy, yet there's something very comforting in knowing that you are not alone." 

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