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At Shushbox, we say that we are a platform created ‘By Survivors for Survivors', but that is not to be mistaken as we are at the end of our healing journey's or that we don’t welcome people who connect to the term victim.

We are all on a
continuous journey in so many aspects of our lives. 

Healing has no timeline. What it really comes down to is:

Can we hold space for it?
Can we live in the duality and fully integrate our trauma to heal and grow as human beings?

Can we find a home in our own individual and unique survivorship?

To us, that is what we mean when we say ‘By Survivors for Survivors.’ Yes at times we may have fallen victim to another person's actions or behaviours,
but we are still here... and the power is in our hands for reclamation of the self.  


We deserve to heal.


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With Love, Shushbox

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Meet                      Founder


"Supporting survivors of sexual violence is very important to me as this is something that has not only affected me personally, it's affected many women close to me and it continues have an impact on so many people's lives on a daily basis.  Creating Shushbox has been therapeutic for me on many levels and has played a huge role in my own healing journey. Although all of our experiences at Shushbox are unique, there is something very comforting in knowing that we are not alone and I'm continuously honoured and grateful for the incredibly inspiring people I am connecting with along the way as we open the lid on this conversation and provide an avenue for

healing and personal growth."

          - Sunita, Founder of Shushbox

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